Margaret Pickett O'Neill

Full-Stack Web Developer

I have always loved to code. One of the first languages I learned was SAS for performing statistical analysis. This led me to positions where processing large datasets was done on mainframe computers. But, with processing power continually improving and storage becoming cheaper and smaller, things have changed. After taking time to raise my three children, I reentered the workforce with fresher, more relevant programming skills and aimed my focus at web development. I love to solve problems and puzzles and I crave opportunities to continually learn new things. I want to deliver solutions that fulfill a need and add value. My personal interests include freediving, SCUBA, cocktails, yoga, nail design and scrapbooking.


Below are a small selection of the projects I have worked on during my time at Digital Crafts. Links to the code on git-hub, a link to the live site, and a description are available via hover/click.